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S9 Sound Volume Will Not Go Any Lower :(

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My In-Call volume will not allow me to turn it down any lower and it still hurts my ears.  :(  For example, when you turn down media or ringtone or any of the other 4 volumes, it allows you to use your finger and decrease/increase volume as much as you would like.  When it comes to IN-CALL Volume, it will only allow me to go down a certain amount and no lower.  Is there a way to change this?  It makes my ears very sad :(


Also, while I am at it, is there a simpler feature/way to make all my volumes controlled by just one master volume so I dont have to always need to increase/decrease the separate volumes?  Just up or down and that controls them all?




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Hi @catiya89.


Are you able to lower the volume when on loudspeaker or through your headphones?

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Thank you for asking.  Yes, I can control volume with my headphones, but I get the same problem.  When clicking the down volume button (on headphones or phone) or trying to swipe the volume down, It only goes down to a certain point, but will not allow me to mute in-call volume, nor turn it down past the little bar that is left when clicking down repeatedly/swiping down as much as possible.

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