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S9 Screen has distorted and green flickering

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This morning, suddenly, my S9 screen went from working as normal, to being a distorted/misaligned (the top part of screen is at the bottom, and where you make contact registers as higher on the screen), and a green, flickering mess. I have tried restarting, the colour test by pressing *#0*# and nothing is working. It updated last week, and seemed ok apart from battery draining much quicker than usual.  I've managed to open in safe mode, but does the same. It is about 15 months old. Any suggestions at all please? 


TessM Moderator

Hey @MrsGaz11 ,


as the issue persist after a Soft Reset and whilst the phone is performing in Safe Mode, the best way to get this looked at it will be taking the phone to one of our Authorised Support Centres to be inspected by one of our engineers. Find your local one by following this link:

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Thanks TessM, I will look at the closest one to us.

Would this still be the case as it is now not working at all, despite being charged, it is showing no signs of life. We have attached to a charger, and it is completely dead.

Many thanks for your reply.

CarloL Moderator

Hey @MrsGaz11!  Yes, this would still be the case. A Samsung engineer will be happy to have a look at your device, repair it and give it back to you up and running 

AntS Moderator

Cheers TessM and CarloL!  


Any joy with getting to a Support Centre and your phone back up and running as it should be, @MrsGaz11?


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Hi my phone has done the exact same thing seems a bit strange to me my phone only about a year old also s9

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Emma30 


Have you tried any of the troubleshooting mentioned above to try to resolve this?

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Yes been through it all with samsung wed chat soft reset safe mode hard reset clear cashe and factory reset screen is still the same booked an appointment on Monday with in store Samsung customer service so we will see what they can do 

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