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S9+ Samsung Health pedometer too low.

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Hi all,

Puzzling problem here - I have a S6 and a new S9+ and whilst I am waiting for my home mobile number to be transferred onto my new shiny work mobile I have been carrying both phones around with me. I have been finding that every day for the last week the S9+ Health pedometer is considerably lower than the one on my older S6.

Today I picked them both up at the same time, put them both in the side pocket of my bag and walked with both of them recording my steps:

S6 was 11,318

S9+ was 9,980 

That's a BIG difference and I am now not trusting either of them!!

Any ideas anyone? Or do I just give up using the app to track my steps?!!

Thanks loads,


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Hi again,

An update on this is that the stupid phones have just merged the totals together and both are now telling me that I walked 21,298 steps..... sigh...


Thanks loads, Cathy

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