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S9 - RSAP and the Upward Swipe

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Hi, this is my first Samsung since the A5. I bought the S9 handsets for us because of the RSAP phone and Microsoft integration to run my business. 


Until I started using the phone, I had no idea how difficult it was going to be to simply answer a phone call or dismiss an alarm when the phone is locked. I'm an intelligent man, but the idea of swiping upwards from left to right is a pretty dim start, whatever the reason. It's difficult to do with one hand which is double dim. There needs to be really obvious clear instruction on the box or phone to introduce the upwards swipe, as people are lost online searching for the answer on how to answer their phone if it's locked. How silly is that? It's a phone!


RSAP phone integration works, BUT not if you use additional memory storage on the phone! Why would that ever be? RSAP is a premium car phone integration and it appears as though people like me don't need to store that many files on our phone?


There are a lot of things about the phone I like, but if the very basic functions are difficult to master, it doesn't make for an enjoyable experience. A new phone is all about enjoyment. This has been a challenge that has soaked up too much time.



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