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S9+ Poor Battery Life


I have now sent mine back to Samsung for a full refund. 


Well  I contacted Samsung and they exchanged the phone.  The battery life is much improved not sure if this is a result of the recent update or the new phone.  I still think it is excessive for a new phone.  Putting the phone into medium power saving mode does make a big difference.  May main observations so far when it comes to battery drain is that using the phone on the native screen resolution setting causes a big drain on the battery as other posted have said in this thread you can almost watch the battery percentage dropping just doing everyday tasks like browsing the Internet, checking emails or facebook.  This may display why the Samsung ship the phone on the FHD+ setting which is crazy why fit a phone with a screen resolution which the phone is not able to deliver without taking a big hit on battery life.  Would be interested to hear from S8 users as it is supposedly the same screen dose running at native resolution result in excessive battery drain?


The other thing which seems to drain the battery is the always on display,  one posted I said they changed the phone to 100% before going to bed and it would be at 85% when they got up and I can well believe this.  This facility should not be draining the battery in this way.


The phone is much better than it was but it is not in the same league as the battery life on an iphone X so I wouldn't blame any one from asking for a refund and getting the iphone instead.  The phone otherwise is great and other than the battery life I really like it.  The only other niggle for me is the intelligent id which as I wear glasses can be hit a miss and does not work at all in low light (iris scanner does not work with glasses) and the Samsung case I have whilst great is not designed to allow you to used the finger print scanner when you have opened so it can be a bit fiddly to unlock the phone without having to put your pass code or patten in.

All they ever say is "factory reset"....that after getting hold of all your details & your extended family details.

Waste of time speaking with them tbh.
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So much Samsung, so many problems...I'll learn one day!

Yes you are right thats all they say factory reset will solve everything. Ive been in that possition before and ended up with a phone that has been plaued with problems and been sent for repair on numerous times. Its a shame becuase it is a really good phone that i wanted.


Therefore when the phone started playing up this time i sent it back for my refund and going to stay with Sony phones from now on. They are the only phones i never had problems with.

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My Battery does appear at first sight to drain, but then I consider what my battery was like on the iPhone 6s, in comparison I can go a full day with my S9+ and still be good to go until night compared to half a day with the IPhone. Maybe it is hit  and miss with the phones..........


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I stopped Google Play store from auto updating and prevented Google services from running in the back ground and that helped for me. I forgot to charge my s9 plus the other night and got over 38 hours of moderate use from it.



Got my S9+ today and I can watch the percentage battery life drop as I setup the phone spent maybe half an hour on it in total and it was down to 80% and thats with bluetue turned off.   Just having the always on display on is enough to drop it a few percent over an hour.   Given the rate of drop can't see it lasting more than half a day on normal usage not sure you would get an hour if you did something really intensive such as watching a video.


Anyone else experiencing such a poor battery performance?

Yes!  Moved over from iPhone5 and the S9 and the battery drains way too fast.  I turned on all of the battery saving features and there seems to be no difference. I am also very angry at General Motors for wanting to charge me from 90 to 190 dollars to add android auto.  I would like some fix pretty soon. 


I have seen two S9s in action, bought 2 weeks ago ~the same day, different carriers, with the same problem. And NO Samsung, starting to disable functionality just to get decent battery life is not a solution! Yes, you use battery saving stuff when you really need it, to extend, not to be able to use the phone!!

I cannot imagine how on earth did they pass this on QA??

I have an S8, 7 months old that has a better battery life than a brand new S9! Everyone can understand a difference in minutes between the US and EU variants, but full hours???!! An awesome device with a stunning camera,display and design plagued by a sub mediocre battery life because some wise guys at Samsung did not do their job! Good one Samsung, congrats on ruining your flagship!

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Is there any solution to get best battery life on s9?

What does samsung say on this bad battery life on s9 (EU)?

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