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S9+ Poor Battery Life




Today I got an official update for my S9 btu.


Seems much better following the update? Light usage of my phone for the last 7 hours and had my smart watch connected and still got 81% (been in medium power saver mode). So I'll stop complaining if it has battery life like this 👍😁 

My girlfriend and I got the S9+ at the same time.

Her battery was dropping rapidly with little use for days where as mine on heavy use was dropping at a reasonable pace.


So I started messing around with her phone and I noticed that apps were not being put to sleep by default as they were on mine.


Once I enabled this on her phone, her battery life is greatly improved and on par with my own.

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From yesterday only wireless charging is working. Fast wireless charging is not working on s9 (not plus).


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I've just updated from oreo beta on S8 plus and the battery is amazing even compared to my iPhone 7 plus.
New phone, so may take a while to sort out.
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Same as mine. I was using the s7 and it lasted some much longer on similar settings
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Quick update: 

Samsung told me to factory reset, so I did. It made no difference over the next couple of days afterwards so I rang them back up and they offered a replacement phone. I said no and returned it for a full refund. Got myself an iPhone X instead. It really is such a shame! In hindsight it looks like the issue must be with the operating system - Oreo.


Various people have said that their battery life is much better since the recent update released, mine was a pre release model s9 (not the plus) and I just wasn’t patient enough for the patch. The s9 really is a georgeous phone! I’ve never experienced a screen like it! 


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I'm in exactly the same boat with my first ever Samsung (S9+) - after coming from an iPhone after 10 years.


I've had it a week now, and I've found the battery life thus far to be shocking.


Once fully charged, I then unplug my phone at 100% and within a minute of basic internet browsing it's at 99%. Within 10 minutes my phone is, without fail, down to 93%. What I have found also, is that if I unplug it at 100% at the end of the day and go to bed, it's always around 85% when I wake up. Then, by the time I leave for work around 11:00 every morning the battery is around the 50% - 60% mark.


Again, this is doing very basic things - browsing a few websites, checking a couple of emails and having a quick butcher's on Facebook and Instagram. I hate to think what would happen to the battery if I actually did something remotely strenuous - like watch a few videos on YouTube or stream some songs.


At present I'm having to charge my S9+ at least two times a day - because by the time I've got to work and browsed a few more sites the battery is well into the lower 20% region.


I've tried all the battery-saving tips - like limiting the AOD, I have my screen set at FHD+ and have all my apps sleeping most of the time but still my battery drops at a rate of knots. The only thing I believe has helped somewhat, is turning off the Infinity wallpaper.


Does this battery drain sound about right for my usage described, are others experiencing similar, or should I be contacting Samsung directly to voice my concerns?



I've had exactly the same battery drain problems with the s9+ (dual sim). I have had to charge the phone twice a day with very little use. I have contacted the customer service team and have decided to return the phone for a refund. Its a shame as it is really good phone, just needs the issues sorted out with it. Think I'll stick with the Sony Mobile Phones. 

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i have done the recent oreo update and the battery is still draining with average usage during the day. this should not be happening on a new phone and my s7 had a better battery life than this.

I have limited apps working in the background, cleared cache, stopped push notifications on emails and still having problems 

Is anyone else still having problems? Anyone got any suggestions?

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