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S9 Plus Mobile HDR not enabled & Black crush

My friend ,this may be coused by that option Video enhancer. Try to desable it !!
Unfortunately, all Video Enhancer does is just increase the brightness a little. If it was a simple fix at that, I think everyone posting on Reddit or Android Central would have done that and problem solved :p

There's a definite colour range issue when playing videos with meta data of a wider colour gamut and needs to be looked into. I guess, we're just hoping it is a software fix and not an issue with hardware. This only seems to be affecting S9+ and not the smaller S9.

A friend of mine who has a U.S version  with TMobile s9+ Snapdragon has zero banding or black crushing. I also noticed his display is not crazy bright when we both set it to maximum like the S9+ unlocked version that I bought. The brightness seemed to be the culprit and makes my S9+ colors washed out on videos even if the brightness is lowered.   


This has to be a hardware defect. We both have the same software update so not sure how his is perfect and mine looks like the colors get washed out. I wouldn't be surprised if the unlocked batches were the faulty ones while the service providers get the better version. 


I'm going to have to return this. This is poorly handled by Samsung's QA team. They should know about the problem already, and yet they keep telling us to turn on the Video Enhancer which makes zero difference. The problem exists and it should be pointed out. I am not paying 840 bucks outright to just find my videos are unwatchable at night due to poor OLED calibration.




I thought it only affected the Exynos version, sad to know that the SD variant is also affected. You've made a good point as I've bought it sim free too.


Have the same issue with black crush/banding, got a replacement phone which took a while as I had to send back to Samsung shop but it also has the issue. I will be returning the phone for a refund. Very disappointed . I've a galaxy s9+ dual sim


So today I am returning my S9+ unlocked Snapdragon. I tried to bite the bullet on this one and try to ignore the whole gradient and black crushing problem, but everytime I press the power options you can definitely see the issue even when the lights are on. I put it side by side with my s7 edge and you can see the problem clear as day. It looks like the S9+ has a black looking liquid spilled inside the panels. I can say for sure this is not a software fix since my s7 edge only started showing signs of display malfunction with the slight black crushing on the top left and gradient issues after my son was throwing my phone around on the table. But even then the power options with the blurred background didn't show signs of black crush or gradient issues. 


So I do not think this is a software issue. I think it's how the OLED was manfactured and placed. This is for the phones that can see the issue from low to max brightness, and does not appear on the screenshot when viewing it on another device.

This is the same problem that happened with the Pixel 2 XL, and there has been zero fix on it. It must be that Super AMOLED hit or miss situation.


The picture itself explains everything. Left is the S9+ Snapdragon and right is my 2 year old s7 edge exynos (the pink line is due to my son damaging the display). I used a Lumix LX100 camera without flash.

s9+ black crush.jpgS9+ Snapdragon left and S7 Edge Exynos right




I have the exact same phones with the exact same problems - pink line and all 🙈


So I managed to get my new S9+ Snapdragon unlocked Blue Coral delivered, and it's much much better. There is still very slight gradient problem going across the middle to the top, but it's hardly noticeble in the dark at normal brightness 40 percent. As you can see there is still a weird blur on the top with the clock compared to the S7 Edge Exynos on the right. 

So like I said earlier it's a hit or miss, but if you can buy a S9+ Snapdragon or Exynos like the picture below, then you are technically in good standing. 


I will update the phone to the latest patch since this was on default. I will let you know if the new update becomes the issue or not. 

s9 plus fixed black crush replacement.jpgS9 + Snapdragon no more black crush left vs S7 Edge Exynos Right



Thanks for providing the photos, helps to see the variance of the issue we face. From your first photo, I can say that my S9+ isn't as bad as that. Although it is definitely distinguishable when playing videos with dark areas.


I've added in the transcript of a chat I had earlier today, supposedly it is a software issue, both the HDR playback and the colour gradient (black crush). Please see screenshot below of the conversation.







Hi all,


Just wondering if you guys have had the chance to plug the phone into an LCD monitor? I tried to do so using a type c to hdmi cable and noticed some amount of gradient banding as well, which does not happen when the LCD monitor is hooked up to my pc directly showing the same image.


Black crush can be mitigated by using the screen balance app on the play store, play around with it such that you still get absolute blacks while black crush is minimised. The other issue with gradient banding seems to be a display driver issue (since it also happens when output to hdmi) and could possibly be not hardware related 

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