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S9 Plus Mobile HDR not enabled & Black crush



This is NOT fixed with ARCC update. All Samsung did was alter the wallpaper to make it look a little better at low brightness. The overall issue with black crush/adark colors becoming black and mashing into one is still present in the latest software. As yet, there is no fix for this.

I agree - I meant that the wallpaper is looking much better. Hopefully another update will roll out soon addressing the bigger issue.


It's true the wallpaper is somewhat better, still appears grainy (if I can call it that).


Like you've said, hopefully another OTA update soon to fix black crush and HDR playback  issues. I'd rather  prioritise the black crush over HDR if they unable fix it in the same update.

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I'm having same problems on my s9+ exynos.

The black crush is more noticeable and very annoying.

Hdr videos look the same as sdr and can't tell them apart.

I've seen lot of people saying hdr is working fine but i think they just can't tell the difference between sdr and hdr.

I've downloaded batman v superman in hdr and was hoping to get my mind blowing but when i played it on my phone it just looked similar to non-hdr version i have on my pc.

Hopefully Samsung will fix this issue soon because not a lot of people use the hdr functionality as it's not yet mainstream and i think the people who do are not really watching stuff in hdr but in standard dynamic range.


Yes this is also happening to me with yout ube the brightness is flickering when watching HDR videos


I have the same issue on my SG S9+ Exynos DualSim. The black crush and color banding is awful. I think I will return my device and ask for a refund. This is not normal for an almost 1000 € phone. Samsung you messed this up. At least tell us if it's a SW or HW issue.


So I've done testing on my replacement s9 plus snapdragon unlocked. The first one had no hdr, flickering on hdr content, really bad black crush and gradient issues as mentioned on my above posts. With this new phone, I can say that there is still a bit black crush/gradient issues even when video enhancer is turned off but  its hardly noticeable especially in games. I took screenshot of the issue and opened it on a regular monitor and the black crush and gradient issue appeared so it is a driver issue but it's not bad as the first one I got. Also, HDR works and zero glitching with auto brightness on or off even with blue light filter is on via youtube. I can tell because the colors on my HDR TV is the same on the phone. 


If you are getting glitches in HDR mode and really bad black crushing, return it. I am pretty sure it's a hardware defect. I know because as the above post shows my replacement phone is much better. Not sure if it has to do with the color of the phone but the one I bought before was black unlocked snapdragon, and now I have a coral blue unlocked snapdragon. These issues are not just exynos related. 


What's the best way to test for this black crush issue?


I spotted it watching the latest avengers trailer, where Tony stark is being told about thanos by the green girl who's name escapes me. Watch in a pitch black room between 25 to 50 percent screen brightness, noticible in the dark areas of the background in that scene. Also lock and unlock your phone and watch how the darkness fades in from the corners of the screen, slowing down animations via developer options can help 




I can see it on this part of trailer.  



What's the best way to test for this black crush issue?

Press the power button down and when it blurs you will see like black looking liquid that doesn't blend well when it fades to a color or pixelation when it fades to black.

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