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S9 Plus Mobile HDR not enabled & Black crush


I have the same issue with black crush, was not even aware of the HDR! May be worth adding "black crush" to the title of this post so others may find it?I will be returning my replacement S9+ phone for a full refund. Disappointed


Just received an update (image below), this does not fix our issues. Will wait for subsequent update to be rolled out.

Screenshot_20180330-194908_Software update.jpg





The quality of the infinity wallpaper in low light was terrible on mine, it's been fixed with this update though


Is that for just the exynos variant? I have the snapdragon unlocked version and haven't recieved any update.


Exynos in the UK.


I've mine boxed up to go back tomorrow. Please keep us updated if any future updates actually fix this problem. Looking more hardware related with each update 😓


If anything, this update has made the black crush worse on infinity wallpapers. Especially the grey one. Set that go to home screen and swipe up.. now look at your bottom right corner


Definitely better for me. The infinity wallpaper is fine now

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When will this be sorted!?


This is NOT fixed with ARCC update. All Samsung did was alter the wallpaper to make it look a little better at low brightness. The overall issue with black crush/adark colors becoming black and mashing into one is still present in the latest software. As yet, there is no fix for this.

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