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S9 No missed call alerts


Hi all

I have tried every work around mentioned on here and other forums to activate missed call notifications  with no success has anybody got any other ideas. Im considering going back to Iphone of this cant be fixed

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Cambrooks.


Could you try the following please and let us know if it makes any difference:


Try disabling the 'Hide content' feature: Go to Settings > Lock screen and security> Notifications > Hide content > Tap on the option to disable it.


I have a S9 and do not get any missed call notifications either. I have tried disabling the hide content feature too but this hasn't worked. 

The Wi-Fi isn't very good either so I am now considering returning the phone and going back to the S4 which never gave me any trouble...


Hi I have worked it out finally!! 

By doing a factory reset (performing a backup first so I don't lose all my apps etc.) and not adding personalised wallpapers and themes to the phone I am finally getting missed call alerts! 

I think that putting my own pictures on the wallpaper and lock screen I was confusing the phone (so to speak).  Its been working well for a week or so now so im not going to change anything on my screen at all....hope this helps...🙂

DannyT Moderator
Hi @MJP1, glad you got this sorted!

@Cambrooks, are you able to try this above? Have you managed to get your notifications to appear?


 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:

New Member

I am sorry but I hardly think that Samsung would want any of these hurdles to be jumped over just to get a missed call notification.

A factory reset is like an atomic bomb to most. That should be the very last thing anyone should do. Not adding wallpaper or pictures, really? This will get us missed call notifications as they confuse the phone?

Samsung please advise on this?

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