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S9 Fingerprint sensor damaged


The fingerprint sensor on my S9 is damaged just from scratches etc and the majority of the time does not pick up my finger print and tells me to completly cover the sensor even when i am. Would this be covered by the manufactors warranty as it is scratches caused by myself i doubt it would be and if not is there an easy way to fix it without getting a replacement back cover/sensor for the phone?

DannyT Moderator
Hey, @Jason86. You're right. This wouldn't be covered under warranty. Best bet would be to get in touch with one of our engineers at the Support Centres. They're best placed to let you know how this can be repaired.


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Cheers for the reply. It is the paint that has scratched off it from knocking off keys in my pocket. Theres no actual other damage to it like dents or that.


Is there a way to touch up the paint or how expensive would it be to fix?




Normally, scratches aren't covered by Samsung manufacturer's warranty, the estimate cost for the fingerprint replacement is £78 or 87.39 euros. If your fingerprint sensor isn't so sensitive anymore, you can remove and re-add your fingerprint. To add, just place your same face of finger up to 5-7 times (without moving) it, the rest, you can now change the position of your finger. It's a trick to quicken the readability of your fingerprint. 


Thanks a lot!  

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