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S9+ Duos - concurrent usage of WI-FI and mobile Hotspot

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in the past it I was able to use WI-FI and mobile Hotspot together. (extend the WI-Fi) Since the last update it isn't possible to turn on WI-FI and Mobile Hotspot at the same time. if I turn on WI-FI, Mobile Hotsopt becomes disabled and vice versa.

Any one with the same expirance? 

Any tips how I can get back the functionality?

I've an S9+ DUOS form the Samsung shop Germany.

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Superuser I
by me it works together. I am connected with my wlan at home and have the PC per Hotspot connected with the s9+ DUOS.
I have the version G965FXXU1BRE5

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I've exact the same version. Is it perhaps Provider depended? I've T-Mobile.

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