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S9+ Delivery Today?


Hi, my Pre ordered S9+ says shipping date today. Does this mean i will receive my phone today as I have had no confirmation?


Many thanks


As at 14.15 mine states "preparing to dispatch"

Which it has said since Friday. 


It also says below this "free next day delivery"


So I would assume tomorrow is the day if they can actually get the thing dispatched.



Hi Matt, thanks for reply. Where are you seeing "preparing to dispatch"? When i log into Samsung account it does not even show any orders for me, yet I have the original email stating that the 8th is the dispatch date.

I ordered online through Samsung site but chose interest free credit option so that may have made a difference?



It'll be a guest order so won't show on your account. Log out.


There's 2 options to track it, you need to select option 2 - track order NOT member. Stay logged out. 

Use the order number and the email address it was sent to. 



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It's saying order number is invalid when it's taken directly from my email. Any ideas?


You need to make sure you're logged out and you need to select the option "track order"  and not "member"

Your order hasn't been made on your profile so it won't like your UKxxx order number if you're logged in to your account. 

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Every time I try it says this Please input valid Order details not sure what' going wrong as that' using the guest tracking tab


Send me a private message with your email address and order number and I'll give it a go for you. 



Hi, my preordered S9+ Is showing dispatch date 8th March - yesterday -still showing as preparing for dispatch - really not great.....

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Mine too. I called them and was told that it was shipped yesterday and i will receive it today and i will get an email from DPD today with the delivery slot for today


If i'm honest, i'm not convinced. Normally you would have a DPD email first thing in the morning with your 1hr slot.


Anyone spoke to Samsung support on this or been told anything different?

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