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S9+ Clear View Case


Hi All


I'm new to Samsung so still familiarizing myself with the setting. Can anyone help me I have purchased one if these fancy clear view cases, but all I get is a message saying touch sensor is too far so it doesn't actually display anything even that notification us difficult to read as it's not lit up.  I don't even see the time displayed.  Is it my screen protector blocking the sensor or is there a setting I need to adjust. 

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Hi Dee! :robothappy:


Just to confirm, do you have a separate screen protector? Plus, have you re-checked that the case has been fitted correctly? I found this guide on the S9|S9+ Clear View case that may be useful for you.


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Hi Ants

Thanks for link, I followed the instruction to change settings for clear view cover in accessories. However the only option an available is fast changing nothing else. Do you think Is this a software fault or my phone.
Unfortunately this solution did not work.

Hi, in my samsung s9plus dont have accessories on settings, so the sview case dont work on my phone, it fits perfect. Is there a problem on the case? Or phone? Thank you

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My Clear View case worked fine until recently, not sure if it was after a software update that it stopped working. I also no longer have Accessories in Settings. These cases or not exactly cheap, so this is really annoying. Come on Samsung, it's your phone and your cover, get it sorted!

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I am using Clear View case from 2 months and never faced any issue with it.  If you are facing any issues then you can try removing the case and set it once again properly.



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Same problem here. Theres no such option on settings

Did you get it sorted?  I had same problem nothing on screen and no Accessories in Settings.  Think it happened after I'd had phone in battery save more.... Restart of phone sorted it!


Hi Mez1

No I never got it sorted.  I ended up returning case.   

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