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S9 Cameras limited function

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Is it me or is there little to no camera functions? There is no sports mode to capture moving shots more clearly, no 360 mode or virtual shot.  These don't even seem to be downloadable in the Galaxy app store.


By default some of the camera modes are turned off, open your camera, click settings scroll down to common and click edit camera modes, you will find from and rear with a full list of available cameras u can even rearrange the order you want them in. Hope this clears that up for ya

What about the 360 I can't find it on mine even on the menu

Yeah - the only 2 options to add on mine are normal slow mo & sports modes. Shame the others aren't available- I'm sure the S7 had loads of additional downloadable ones!

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Yea I've been trying for the last couple weeks. Even contacted Samsung through the 'contact us" in options. They don't even know, because anything you do try will only take you to galaxy app store which only has more filters. These options don't seem available. Hoping Samsung put these in an update.
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Thank you!
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