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S9+ Calender problem after Pie upgrade

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Anyone have a problem after latest upgrade regarding viewing calendar? Have changed themes and colours but still looks like picture.Screenshot_20190127-200742_Calendar.jpg


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Mine is not functioning either.. It looks like yours. How can I get this fixed. I put everything in mine, I am a little panicked right now. 

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I've got around this by downloading Google calendar app, everything was automatically transferred over and the interface is much cleaner and more features. Shame as Samsung calendar always worked for me in the past. Hope this works for you too

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I'm having the same issue it's so annoying cant see dates properly for events I've already put in. Im hoping its a flaw in the update and they'll send another update out soon to correct this 

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Mine is like that too, I hate it.

Spoke to someone on live chat and apparently nothing can be done to improve it. 

Seriously hope its not like this for long


Hi, potential solution for you all...

..I had the exact same problem with  my Samsung calendar after upgrading. Eventually got a response from Samsung help people, they recommended trying a different background theme. I visited the Samsung themes app and downloaded a free theme to see if it fixed the calendar issue... and it did! Yessss!!

Only downside is that I'll now have to find myself a new favourite theme that I can live with as the old one obviously wasn't compatible with the upgrade. 

Hope this helps you all 👍

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Mine not playing since upgrade last night, so good to hear that Samsung response amounts to tough ***** sort it out yourselves....

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I changed the theme on my phone as someone suggested on her and I can now see my calender again

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The entire Calender changed for me after upgrading. Colours etc. Very hard to read the dates. 

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I am glad it worked for you. I tried many different themes but to no avail
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