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S9 Bixby breifing not working on alarm.

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 Hi all, issues with Bixby briefing settinon alarm. It only ever gives a briefing with the alarm when it rains and no other weather. 


I'm unsure if it's a user error or a software update is required. Anyone had similar findings?



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I'm having same problem on s9 will only give a short description on weather. It has never read the news which is frustrating as I have searched the forums and tried everything that is mentioned.


Yes and it's been super frustrating. Tried everything. Only gives weather briefing and says "news headlines  (pauses) as by google." Then just stops. At night there is no attempt for an news briefing. Has anyone figured out how to fix this?




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I saw this but not had time to try it yet. Will have a go tomoz. If u try it before me please let me know if it works. 







Hi Daz72


I've tried it but didn't solve the problem. It does however work if the weather briefing stops working.

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I have  a galaxy s9 plus and this solution DID work for me... I had to clear data on all five things (mine had an extra) AND i also did this on the clock it self....


Thank you!

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Clearing the data didn't work for me!  Still will not give a news briefing!

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