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S9 4K at 60fps in any 3rd party camera apps?


I've been using HedgeCam 2 as my secondary camera app & have it set up to record in 4K. The standard Samsung camera app is set up to 1080p for day-to-day recordings. Having it like that allows me to quick fire up 4K recording without diving into settings & faffing around each time I want to switch.


The problem is, HedgeCam 2 says 60fps isn't supported by the phone.. in fact, I've tried Open Camera & Footej Camera, and they say the same thing. 30fps is as high as I can go.


I'm assuming Samsung have locked this down(?).. or does anyone know a way round this, have an app recommendation, or a way to easily flip between 1080p & 4K 60fps modes w/o going into Settings each time.

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