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S Notes not unlocking on S9

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I have received the following message when trying to access two locked notes and I'm lost as to how to fix this. I've not attempted to unlock anything, it's sent for face recognition. Can anyone advise?

Couldn't verify your identity

You entered an incorrect password 0 times. Try again in 2668649 seconds. 

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I have exactly the same problem. Spent an hour on chat to customer service this morning and they couldn't help. Told me I need to take my phone to a service centre which is nearly an hour away. This is not acceptable for a phone only 6 months old.

Hopefully someone will have a solution! 

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Completely agree with you and find it hard to believe there is no solution. I ended up deleting the notes, not my ideal solution but wasn't sure how else to get round it.
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They must have pushed out an update as the error has gone and I can access my password protected notes again. Glad I didn't waste my time driving to the nearest service centre!!

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How long did it take as I have had the same problem on my locked notes but need to retrieve them as it has some important stuff on there that I need to look at

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I made an update overnight,now I cant enter my password.

When I enter the correct passwrd the phone does not reconize the "Done button"

When I enter an incorrect password the phone says "wrong password"

Im not register "on find my device"

I have a lot of work to do with my phone.

This need to be fixed.


Can someone help please.

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