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S Memo is missing

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Will this restore my S Notes as well ? Is there a way of importing them from my Note 8 to my Note 9 before I have to return the 8 ?


Thank you in advance 

Yeep bro.
Go now to youre Samsung Note app
Tap on 3 dotsin right top corner
Tap Settings
And activate the Sync With Samsung cloud option.!!!
Thats it when you recive the new phone.go in Samsung note app ,go settings,go import data,and Chose from Samsung welcome bro
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@Alexeev89 wrote:

I lose a lot of notes when i upgraded today from my s7 edge to s9+ 

The thing is that  there isn't  s memo (yellow  note pad app) from samsung officially, now is Note Memo (red app) after Samsung's cloud  restored i understand that i lose all of the notes 😫😫😫


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This still doesn't understand how to do it

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Hello, I did that and even though it shows my old notes, they show up as picture files and not text so I cannot edit or copy and paste

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I have a problem, suddenly all my memo went missing and I'm not even sure why. Maybe due to some updates on the S7. 

Can anyone teach me how i can find back those memo???

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Thank you!
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I will wrriting in Turkish.

My phone crashed. When I plugged (takmak) to computer, I see in phone what it is. (Telefon tamircileri ekran takmadan MEMO ya ulaşamazsınız dediler, ama telefon çok eski model ve tamiri pahalı. ) "" adlı klasör buldum bunu nasıl okunur hale getirebilirim?

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Just a post to translate the Turkish part of  @Ariferkan's post for the Community:


"Phone repairers said that the screen cannot reach MEMO without installing, but the phone is very old model and expensive to repair. How do I make it readable in the folder ""?"


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Hi, I used Smart Switch to back up all the data on my S8 prior to a factory reset due to a camera issue. Now as I try to restore my data everything came over fine except for my S Notes. Every time I try to restore the S Notes data I get an error that asks me to confirm that restoration was canceled, even though that was not the case. I tried to restore backed up data through the app using my Google Drive and Samsung Account but the app has no info from my drive and only memos from years ago on my Samsung account (not the notes I am interested in restoring). Why isn't Smart Switch working>

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