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S Memo is missing


Okay add it

Okay sounds good
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I have lost all my memos. I had a lot of important notes in there

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Thanks so much for your excellent advice! I got all of my old memos back

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Thank you so much for posting this! I thought I was gonna explode when I saw there was no S memo on my new s9! 

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Alexeev89, thank you so much you totally solved my problem. I went from s6 to s9 and the notes didn't transfer...I followed your instructions and whamo, over they came! Thanks a million!

SInce 2018  .It is not possible to barr incoming calls . Samsung s7 , s8 ask for  password.. which neither samsung is aware of nor the service provider


Can any one help 

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I have S10+. I used smartswitch and when I opened Notes, it just imported all my old memos automatically!

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Omg u r a genius, I only just noticed memo missing on my new S9, thank you so much, I had a tonne of stuff on there! Yay for people like you xxxxx

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Samsung Notes was missing from the S9 (transfer from S6).
Down loaded Samsung Notes and followed instructions.

It worked. Well done that man.
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