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Ringtone & alarm sounds S9

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I recently upgraded my phone from the S9 to a S10 note. Is there any way to get my Alarm & Ringtones from my old S9 to my new S10 note because the current ones are far too quiet in my opinion.

I upgraded my phone through Samsung so I have no access to a S9 anymore 

Please help 

Superuser I
Superuser I

When I upgraded from the N9 to my N10+ 5G I came across the same issue.


I like the Opener tone which isnt on the N10+ 5G.


After googling i came across a forum and a post from people who have experienced similar to you.


In this post was a zip file which I downloaded and that put the time back onto my phone. 


That or use something like Zedge.





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