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Revert the One UI Update


If you don't like the One UI home screen, you can use a launcher such as Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher to cover it up.


If you don't like the icons, you can use a launcher such as Nova that supports custom icon packs and then browse the Play Store for icons. There is an S9 Icon Pack which was made when the S9 was released and hasn't been updated to look like the Pie icons if you want the Oreo icons back.


You can use GoodLock to restore some functionality of Oreo. If GoodLock is unavailable in your region, you should try using NiceLock Downloader Companion to install the GoodLock modules and NiceLock to manage the modules after installation.


Android is highly customisable and there are a wide range of options to tweak the experience to your liking.


If, however, you preferred Oreo and cannot tweak the user interface your liking, you can use Odin to flash back to Android Oreo. You will have to factory reset the device by flashing the CSC and not the HOME_CSC in Odin. Please note that to receive subsequent security updates, you will need to update to Pie first.


However, I believe in recent security updates (April/May), Samsung have bumped the bootloader version, making it impossible to downgrade to Oreo using Odin. While you could still flash a custom ROM based on Oreo with Samsung Experience 9, this would permanently trip the Knox counter on your device, voiding your warranty and permanently stopping apps such as Samsung Pay and Secure Folder from working. 



I did try all of that, android used to be a lot more customisable before. But now there are limited choices in themes and the 3rd party UI's don't look as good as the original Oreo.


But the main thing I just can't get over are the new navigation icons, they're  so annoyingly ugly compared to the old one. And the fact that the navigation bar doesn't completely disappear like it used. You can hide it but 3 bars still remain.


I've given up trying. I'm just waiting for my update so I can leave Samsung.

You are correct regarding the bootloader version. Mine was updated to v3 in the April 1st security update.
I'm not comfortable downgrading to Oreo even when it was possible using Odin, even less so now.
My main gripe was the Pro Video being removed; the rest I can put up with... not much choice huh!
I agree. Bye Samsung, such a shame.
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One UI is seriously so buggy. My sister has a quadcore processornif probably 1.2 ghz each core and I have 1.6 x 2 and 1.35 x 6 and her phone runs just as smoothly as mine because she doesn't have one UI. The recents apps page is the buggiest thing I have ever seen. It never works correctly. Please fix this. Please.


I do like your reply and I agree with you on the many customisation options that are available to Android, and in particular Samsung (via Good lock).  However, my caviate with this is a big why should I have to be playing catch up with Samsung?  They broke, what I believed was the best version of Android on any smart phone.  They have created a version of Android that is geared towards larger screen devices, but is of no good to my S9. 


I am also not happy with the fact that I have to be doing all this work, and it just seems like they are doing steps to stop me from fixing what they broke.  I am reffereing to the update that stopped me from rolling back to a previous version of Android. 


Don't get me wrong, I do like Samsung and think that they are quiet inovative with their phones and the best looking smart phone on the market.  BUT, they are getting a tad carried away with their R&D department and now not listining to its users and dropping every and any update out there. 

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Same here.  I was happy with my S8 and Samsung in general.  Then, after this update, I'm not going to stick around with this company.  I was seriously considering buying another Samsung phone in the future.  Not anymore.  They lost my business.  

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 I am in the same position.   I was seriously considering buying another Samsung phone in the future, as I have to give up my work phone in the next few months.  Not anymore.  They lost my business.    I will be going to a provider that has a pure unadulterated version of Android


Hi guys.

As many of us complained for the last half a year about stolen PRO video mode from camera by Samsung, I realized they will never bring it back because if they wanted they could do it million times in the last half a year. 


Can anyone please advise how can I roll back to the previous Android OS that was on my phone before this Pie disaster.

Or is there any option to somehow reverse camera app only....


I am using S9+


Can you please recomend some site with detailed information on that matter? 

I am ready to flash the phone... even if something goes wrong I don't care anymore because this phone is useless to me without PRO mode anyways. 


Samsung is now a child toy-phone.

All PRO stuff removed and plenty  childish fratures added....

Definitely Samsung is not a product for serious customers like me anymore!!!




If that number is a 1 or a 2 you can flash oreo back officially but if it's higher you'll have to root the phone to go back. Check out the xda developers site, also worth googling pie to oreo, how to root etc.


My advice is to read as much as you can first before doing anything. 

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