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Restoring photos after backup

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I'm trying to restore my phone after backing it up for a factory reset. I have restored everything else but my photos and videos. I transfered these onto an external device (portable harddrive) and have gone to restore them but when my phone searches it nothing is found. I have plugged my hard drive into the computer and they are all on there but there photos are in a document form. 

Does anybody know why or how to restore them to my phone?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @mudmane123.


What model of phone do you have and how did you perform the back up of your phone? Did you use Smart Switch?


If there is no data on your hard drive, maybe you have not transferred them successfully. If you just have done factory reset on your phone, maybe you can try samsung data recovery tool to get them back. First let the tool to scan your phone, if the photos and videos can be scanned out, you can get them back.

AndrewL Moderator
@mudmane123: You might want to try Google Photos as your photos and videos might have been backed up here. You can check this on your phone via Apps > Google (folder) > Photos or on your home computer by following the link below.

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