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Reset Samsung calendar


Hi everybody,


I use Samsung Calendar as a main calendar app. Yesterday I changed the password in my Hotmail account. I updated password in my phone but Samsung Calendar says that account is synchronized but it is not.


I tried to reset the app but has no effect. After delete buffer and data, there is no change. It is like I did nothing. So weird. Looks like the information is not stored with this app.


My question is:  how can I factory reset Samsung Calendar app?

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I am running into the same issue, did you find an answer?


No, didn't find any solution.

Now I don't use Samsung Calendar (cannot trust it).

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I just found a solution! I had to delete the account from my phone and re-add it. If you want to try it go to your  settings, then cloud and accounts, then delete and re-add the account.


Thanks for it Kcorza

I'll try this evening and I'll tell u later.

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Hi guys,

Do let us know how you get on with this.

If you don't have any luck on the above we'd advise checking out a few different themes. This way you can set the calendar to look exactly how you want. You can change these by going to Apps > Settings > Wallpapers & Themes.


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I have tried but I don't have any Samsung Cloud account

Have never had in my Galaxy S7

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I don't think you have to use the cloud to do this. If you've imported an email/calender to Samsung it should be stored locally (on the phone) under cloud and accounts. From there you can delete and re-import with the new password. That's what I did anyway, and my calendars are all synced up again 

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I was having similar problem, I ended up using ical "import/export caldav" app when I deleted the "my calendars" the came by default in Samsung Calendar with the phone. Now I dont have My calendars or contacts / bithdays. Maybe this page I found later help and do not need to delete like I did  in  ( Clear or remove all events using S Planner )

By the way,  anybody know how can I fix that ( create a new My calendars or contacts / bithdays ), if I can?! Thanks! 

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