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Replacing the S9+

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I have contacted Samsung to replace the S9+ which arrived faulty. They said on Monday the replacement would arrive on Tuesday between 9-18. At 18 I had to find out they were actually out of stock, but as of 18:00, Tuesday, phones are back in stock and I would receive it today-Wednesday. It is now almost 10:00, Wednesday morning, no email have I received from customer relations since Monday as to what is happening, why is my faulty device not being replaced, no communication whatsoever. A ticket today has allegedly been raised for a manager to call me back. This is what you call Samsung exeprience?? this "experience" has completely ruined my excitement about the new phone; it is an absolute joke, appalling, disgusting. At this point I just need the faulty phone to be collected and my money refunded. Enough is enough.

LiamH Moderator

Hi @zsoke


Please send @AntS a private message. We'll need to confirm a couple of details so we can advise further on this one.





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I don`t see an option to send a private message neither to you, nor to that person.

AntS Moderator

Hi @zsoke. :robothappy:


If you click on my profile here there should be an option to send me a message. If you send me your name, contact phone number, and (if possible) your customer reference number, I'll be able to check into what's going on for you. 


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