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Replacing sim tray S9 plus

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I have single sim S9 plus as dual sim model is not available in my country. Sim tray of my phone can hold one sim and one sd card.


Is it possible to replace tray with the one that can hold two sim cards to make it dual sim phone ?


Is there any way to use two sim cards in this  phone SM-G965W ?


If it hasn't been made to work with two SIM's (two SIM card readers and two IMEI and obviously the added software) then swapping the tray will have no effect whatsoever. As far as I know, dual sim phones are only available for purchase from the manufacturer, I could be wrong.

Samsung dual SIM phones can be identified on the back by the word "DUOS".

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Thanks for info.

Does that mean I cannot even use external bluetooth device like simore to use second sim simultaneously 

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