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(Region Locked) Galaxy S9 Purchased from Europe and planning to use in the USA?


One interesting thing, is that they recommend not turning OFF (or even rebooting) the phone for at least 24 hours.


 After placing the call, we advise to not turn off the phone for atleast 24 hours so complete the process.  If this is successful, the regional SIM lock on your device will automatically be removed.



I have the same issue as in the topic above. But looks like mine is a bit more complex.

So the story is: I've purchased my samsung A6 in Poland (I live there) through internet shop with sticker inside a box "for european sim cards only".

It started working with Polish sim card without any issues (I had enough local Poland talks through Polish sim card). After several days I left for Russia for business trip. And It was a big surprise when I was not able to use local Russian sim-card, as my phone just said that "sim-card of locked network". After this I made several tries to solve the issue:

1) I called to Russian operator and with their help I entered PUK numbers and etc. That did not help and I was advised to go to Samsung support.
2) I called to Samsung support in Russia and explained the issue. They promised to make regional unlock for 50 euro. What? No way, because I've wrote in internet that European Samsung support makes it for free just sending unlock code.

3) I've wrote to Samsung support in Poland. They requested number of factura, pictures of IMEI and etc. But then they replied that the phone was manufactured for Hungarian market and I need to go to Samsung support in Hungary. OMG!

4) I've wrote to Samsung support in Hungary. First they say that I need to buy Hungarian sim card and make a 10-30 call from Hungary. What??? Can somebody imagine that I go to Hungary from Russia to buy a sim card?

5) I wrote again to Samsung support in Hungary providing all photos of my phone, saying that I'm not happy with their solution. And I asked again about providing an unlock code. They replied that they checked my phone and that my phone does not have regional lock and moreover that they do not have network codes (why network code?) and suggested to call to Russian operator to request a PUK number. OMG! I've already tried two different sim cards of Russian operator and entered PUKs many times. It does not work as phone writes that "sim card from locked network is used".

6) Again I wrote to Samsung support in Hungary saying that it does not work and asked for another option. Why they cannot send me regional unlock code? I see articles in internet where such problem was solved with providing manufacturer code from Samsung support....

Any ideas what to do? I cannot call to Russian number through Polish sim card... really! And I do not want to buy another phone in Russia.

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Ok now I have a huge problem. 


I went to Dublin Ireland for a business trip with my Samsung galaxy s9 plus that I purchased in South Africa with a South African SIM card and was unfortunate to be the victim of a senseless crime in that my phone got stolen.


Needless to say I went to a local cell phone shop in Ireland and purchased another Samsung galaxy s9 plus for 799 Euros. 


They assisted me by installing a lycamobile prepaid SIM card and also installed a SD card. 


I preloaded a few euros of airtime and use the phone but phone majority of the times back home as I don't know anybody in Ireland itself. 


They assured me that the device I'm purchasing is in fact a lock free device and that it will without the hassle work in South Africa.


They did not even tell me about this 5 - 10 minute telephone call that needs to be made locally to have the so called regional lock automatically uplifted. 


So when I return back home in South Africa I did a SIM swop to my local network with my old number and once I've placed the SIM card back into the new device I received a error message on the phone that states phone not allowed.


I have contacted Samsung South Africa who directed me to Samsung Ireland. Needless to say that for the past 3 days I am not able to have this matter resolved. 


The advice that I was given by Samsung Ireland is to climb in a plane and fly back to Ireland and make a 5 to 10 minute call and hope that this will resolve the regional lock. 


What I do find strange is that the lycamobile SIM that is inserted currently in the phone is working perfectly and I can receive SMS and make phone calls but can do only so whilst on roaming which is without a doubt extremely expensive as you are paying approximately 5 euros a minute.


Surely there must an alternative solution other than flying back to Ireland and make a 5 to 10 minute phone call which will mean that the trip to Ireland will exceed the cost of the device itself. 


You know there is no trust to Samsung support.

They also told me that I need to go to Hungary, buy sim-card there and make a call being there for 5-10 mins.

But I solved the issue by calling 5-10 minutes using Polish sim-card being in Poland. So basically regional lock can be switched off using any sim-card of EU and being at any place of EU. So Samsung support is really unprofessional.

But I understand that you are not in EU and this is can be the issue. I assume you already tried to call 5-10 mins using lycamobile SIM being in South Africa and that did not help?

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I have left Europe on Tuesday and arived in South Africa on Wednesday then this happened. I cannot use a South African SIM and Samsung Support just copy and paste the same message.

Phone 5 - 10 minutes in the region you bought the phone you cannot do it by roaming.

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Probably you have someone who is going to visit EU soon... or probably send your phone to EU for unlocking by post.

I understand that this is time and extra money... I'm sorry. No credits to Samsung.


When I was in Russia and was trying to solve the same issue, local Samsung offered me to pay 50$ to remove the lock. But they also said that this process could take up to 3 weeks. Now I suspect that they probably wanted to send my phone in EU, unlock it there, send back and earn 50$.


Also one guy suggested me the way below (However I did not check it, so I do not know if it works):

"You need to find where to buy touristic simcard SimTravel (probably other touristic sim-card are also fit). For removing regional lock, people just call to call-center of operator, talk about 5 minutes and after that phone becomes unlocked".

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I have just done that and phoned the Samsung store where I bought the phone from and spoke to them for about ±7 minutes using my lycamobile SIM card the scary part was that that call costed me 50 euros.


Problem still not solvedif I put my South African SIM card back in the phone then I get the message phone not allowed

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Screenshot_20181201-122913_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20181201-121001_Samsung Experience Home.jpg


This is the error message I get when I inserted the South African phone 

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I purchased a galaxy s9+ in Holland. I have a Vodafone SIM. I made accumulative 20-30 minutes calls and still can't get my non European SIM to work.

Even worse - when the non eu sim is in the phone the phone can't be used even with the Vodafone sim. Even if I switch the other sim off in the settings.

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I have the same problem and get the same message.

Have you receive any solution to it?




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