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Radio apps keep crashing

First Poster

My new S9 , is grand , I listen to music a lot and radio apps all the time. 

Not anymore with this fault. 

Its widely reported on Google with very little SOLVED suggestions.


Most frustrating for a very expensive phone ...reset it also which is a complete nusciance still the same...


Can this very frustrating error be fixed ? 

Nit an issue on any iPhone or indeed cheaper android I had 

AntS Moderator

Hi @Dia1.


Can you let us know some more info?


  • Which apps are crashing?
  • In what way are they crashing (e.g. are they closing down completely; freezing; or is the streaming just stopping)?
  • What's the current Android version on your S9?
  • Anything you've tried already in terms of troubleshooting?


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