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Pro mode video ONE UI


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To everyone who's getting spammed from samsung update to do the update or having to always setting the update to update later.

There's a way to disable samsung update app by ADB, i've done it. it even removes the icon from the settings, it's amazing!
No more downgrades to me Shamesung!  

For Everyone who know's what u doing with ADB i'll leave the code here, always at ur own responsability obviously.

>adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.wssyncmldm

>adb shell pm enable-user --user 0 com.wssyncmldm



I didn't but I learnt enough and now the nagging has gone! Thanks for that 

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This needs to be added asap. The reason why I bought this phone was precisely for the ability to record and shoot on PRO mode. At least they brought back the App Info when long pressing an app.
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If this is something that was originally a feature of the S9 and you have this phone on contract maybe a good idea for everyone to return the phone and cancel contract? Maybe Samsung will then take our comments seriously? 

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Any updates on this? Did anyone find a good alternative 3rd party app?

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Not really. There are some third party apps that give you back some manual controls, but Samsung has the video camera locked to 30fps. So no slow motion.


Slow mo still works though, it's really the stock pro video missing isn't it? 


I presume you still have everything else 

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me to audacity  temp mail  origin bro

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