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Pro mode video ONE UI

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Yes!! it was terrible to see that the pro option for the video was gone. It made me so angry.

The developers that have made this deliberate decision to remove Pro mode video with justification to make the interface more simple for the users along with the product management team that approved such decision will in the end be responsible for global decline in sales - including the upcomming S10 series as this functionality is not there either.


This basically means that any high end galaxy phone that received Pie already (S8/S9/Note9/S10) is unable to take control of their videos. How is it possile that nobody noticed this? Here are the top 5 issues I am seeing since Decemeber using the new Camera App Video mode on my S9+.


1) Unable to fix exposure -  camera  keeps adjusting the brightness based on object in the center of the screen. Adjusting + / - slider will adjust the exposure but after 3-4 seconds when slider disappears and a bright or dark object moves to the center of the screen phone will compensate and either highlights or shadows are  blown out. Simple scenario to reproduce the issue - start recording indoors against a wall between 2  windows - click or use the +/- slider to adjust exposure to outside (window) or inside wall - wait 3-4 seconds for + / - slider to disappear and see what happens when you move the camera..   Results : Highlights or shadows will be blown out. Exposuere will keep readjusting based on object in center of the view. This is normal behaviour of low and some mid tier smatphones.


2) Permanent Focus Hunting - camera keeps hunting for focus based on the change detected in center of the view. When clicking for example on and object on side of the screen focus is adjusted temporarily (along with exposure whether you like it or not), then after 3-5 seconds when slider disappears any movement in center will steal your focus. i.e.: car passing on the street in the bacground etc. 


3) No support for manual focus - You can't set focus manually at all to create a beautifull cinematic shots with object in foreground or backround being intentionally out of focus

Above behaviour is what is considered normal on low and mid range of smartphones.  


4) Horrible noise and grain in low light videos because you are unable to fix ISO (i.e.: ISO 50 to 100 reduces the noise in shadows)


5) Horrible flicker because you are unable to manually set shutter speed  - i.e. recording TV or low cost indoorlights that flicker. Not to mention that you can keep dreaming about smooth videos with 180 degrees shutter etc.... 


To end on a positive Note Samsung was able to deliver the Software update for the first time even ahead of the time.... Maybe bit unfortunate for Samsung to do this just before the S10 release ......


@AntS This is terribly disappointing.

I bought the S9 for its pro video mode and now it has been taken away by your developers.

The S9 i bought is not the S9 i bought and i would like a full refund from Samsung.





I think you should simple sale this Samsung and chose another brand. That's all. They will not listen customer until they see they will lose.


I must ask, do your developers actually use the phone? If they did they'd see having the photo and video buttons available at the same time is very useful in the real world. I made the switch from iPhone recently and that was one of THE big features  / differences I really liked. Now you're just another iPhone copycat. So sad. Please, listen to the people who live in the real world, outside the developers bubble, and bring back the video button. If not on all modes, at least on auto. Please!!!!


Why not unlock advanced features like you can in settings with Developer Options? Come up with something in the background that gives people who want to use the camera to its full potential the ability to do so? The camera is being further handicapped and limited when it doesn't have to be. This entire camera update has made me miss so many special moments because the shutter has been moved down, I'm stuck in Photo mode when I want video, and I can't even find white balance presets in Pro Mode anymore.


The Galaxy S5 camera still takes the best photos and video except for low light, with an excellent HDR and light meter that didn't bounce around and give drastic brightness changes; and you could change white balance while HDR was applied.




In VIDEO Pro MODE I could do similar effects. And there is a lot more. Samsung stole from me this functions.

SmartSelect_20190310-122428_MX Player.gif



I paid $1000 for a phone that has pro mode video and this was STOLEN from me. Enable the module for S9 users Samsung, this is absolutuely unaceptable. The video that the S9 now has is no better than my old S5.

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Honestly the UI is pretty awesome but if they could just compensate for the pro mode by adding YouTube mode because a lot of users actually use the Galaxy phones to vlog.  They just need to make the mode with capabilities that pro mode has such as iso and manual focus along with of many of the other favorite options. That would literally solve the problem and then they could have their funny little iPhone pretending phone app and I wouldn't give a crapp because I can still use it to make the videos that I do on YouTube. So Samsung that's all I'm asking make a YouTube mode it's simple you have an Instagram mode you're probly gonna come up with a Facebook mode and it's only making sense to come up with a YouTube mode thank you.


I'm not much of a Twitter user but I figured seeing as Samsung's latest hastag is #DoWhatYouCant, I figured I'd tweet exactly what I can't do ;-). I think the only way to make them fix it is to make it more public. As good as these forums are, I get the feeling they only pay lip service here. Let's get the word out using they're own catch cry. Then they might notice and actually do something. In the meantime, I'm researching and deciding how to roll this piece of sh!t back.

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