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Pro mode video ONE UI


@TracyR More then 2 months, not a single official message about this, totally forgot about this and a week ago when i was recording in a kinda dark enviroment, in a recital, the end video was so grainy and the exposure was wrong, ended up in having no good recordings.
Hope they give us our feature back, or add manual settings into the video mode, can't be that hard.


I bought the S9 specifically for the Pro Mode in video recording as I had on my S7.

This is really not acceptable from a company like Samsung who, I think most on here would agree, make fabulous smartphones (in question right now!).

So, you can understand how pissed off we all are with the removal of probably one of the most unique features of the Galaxy series and consequently making it better than any other make out there.

As someone elsewhere said :  "If we wanted an iPhone, we'd have bought one"!

I still have 23 months to go on my contract.  I am not going to accept this for another 2 years, so either Samsung must do something NOW or I will be returning my S9 and cancelling my contract.  I'm sure plenty of consumers will be doing the same.

Samsung; What the hell were you thinking???


@Lee613 wrote:



And what makes it worse is if you try to replace that functionality (THAT YOU PAID FOR)  by using a third party camera ... you can't. Samsung has blocked access to 60fps and control of the dual aperture on the S9. 


Samsung screwed us in both directions. 


No honor at all. Shameful. 

I spoke to Samsung Netherlands about exactly this and explained it in full detail including info from FilmicPro. Samsungs reply was something along the lines of "Our phones can record in 60fps and higher..."


Samsung knows exactly what is frustrating us. They simply just don't care.

Seems, they arent even replying in forum, eveb with direct tags. Shame. Right now i think even a low brand phone a 80€ phone may have better video quality than s9+, I tried other apps to record but as the camera features are locked those won't help either.
Only thing I can think is.. shame.
So many people complaining this will end up in sales drops and returns.
I found the way to fix it after a lot of research, I do not want to put it here in case they start working on stopping it from working join the WhatsApp group and I'll direct you all to the info
I found the solution to fix pro video, I don't want to put the solution here in case they start working on stopping that in some way, I'll drop the videos and info in this WhatsApp group, please share to new members that may join after I post

Can't imagine how you've managed to find a fix!

But I also can't imagine that Samsung would block it... would they???



@MLHiFi wrote:

Can't imagine how you've managed to find a fix!

But I also can't imagine that Samsung would block it... would they???

Well, they have blocked  access to dual aperture and 60,120 fps for all apps except their own so I don't know in what to believe now, I feel betrayed with this phone now, most people are rooting and returning their phones to android 8, some are just selling/returning the phones to the stores.


@TracyR  are my tags working? Last tag not a single response.


@AntS also, they there, any news on fixing this camera failure?

TracyR Moderator

@AntS wrote:

Hi all. The developers have got back to us with an update on this.


Just a bit of background explanation on the why and how this happened first:


The division of the camera into separate Photo and Video modes in Pie is intended for quicker launch/access of either of those modes. Modes like” Pro”, “Panorama”, and “Food” have always been primarily photo mode rather than video mode based in their development – which is why the video recording function didn't made it into any of them by default.  In addition, although they did consider additional Video modes, in the end, the developers were reluctant to unnecessarily over-complicate the usability of Video mode in Pie.


However, the developers are wanting to improve the Video mode going forwards – so, following your feedback here are considering adding a “Pro Mode” to Video mode in the future. No further details on timescale, or whether this will be on existing or future devices at this time though. Any further news we hear on this one, we'll let you know. 

@Believry - Hey! Sorry, I haven't been online since Saturday.  As @AntS stated in the above reply, there is no timescale or further details for this at the moment. As soon as there is something myself or another mod will be sure to share it will you all. 

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What you are failing to take into consideration is that the phone was sold on this feature and bought specifically by users such as myself for this feature. Because of the lack of response from Samsung I have had no choice but to contact the legal authorities in the UK concerning this who agree with me that removing a function like this during an upgrade is both illegal and unacceptable and must be rectified by Samsung within a reasonable amount of time or face consequences from the UK authorities for failure to comply with consumer law and that an acceptable amount of time has already passed within which to rectify this. It saddens me that I now have no choice but to persued this legally, not as an individual but in support of a case that will be bought by the UK government against Samsung as I for one will not stand by and allow the little guy to be walked over by a multinational corporation. Above all else though I want to say this. Why oh why do Samsung think this is an acceptable way to carry on as not only have you alienated a huge swathe of your existing customer base but you are damaging future sales as you must be aware how widespread the outcry against this has become, I work in IT and if I treated our customers this way we would have none left. Please, please rectify this and quickly so we can all get back to using our phones as we intended, please do it now, not next month or next week but immediately as a priority and we can all be friends again because I for one am sure I speak for all of us when I say we will not let Samsung get away with this.

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