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Pro mode filters

Why did they need to remove the pro mode filters. Serene was one of the main filters that I use and now I'm stuck using the sliders that don't even have ticks to precisely pick the colors and lighting for the camera. Don't get me wrong auto camera is nice and all but I honestly like being in control of the lighting. Is there any reason why they half baked that setting and removed the settings that was honestly essential to the pro mode. If they're not going to decide to add the filters back in any update they might as well let use save the lighting settings like profiles to easily go back to a setting for specific moments that calls for different filters.... or actually make the camera app a actually functioning camera and letting us have more control over what we're able to do with the camera.
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THIS! Picked my phone because of the camera, and this has ruined it for me.
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Yea i hate this. I wish for them to come back!! I always used the natural one.

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