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Please restore the option to hide the navigation bar


Since the update I got last night there is no option to hide the navigation bar.  The permanently on navigation bar is a waste of screen space and the separate swipe actions are a pain. Plus the separate swipe actions block the use of the other swipe gesture I normally use.


I see no value in removing the option as you have done. Please restore it

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Superuser I

That's something I miss too @B0bb1ns 


I would suggest to use the Samsung Members App to send feedback to Samsung about the removal of the feature.


I will too.  



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I've just done exactly that. Let's hope it makes a difference!
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Please bring this back, it was more convinent to just double tap to hide/show the navigatgion bar.,but there is no option now. They have added new feature for fullscreen gestures but thats not a replacement of autohide.

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Same issue here, I cant understand why they would outright remove this instead of just adding another option.

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a keyboard switch icon also is gone. 

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