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Pie Clock app bug




Last month I have updated my S9+ Dual to Pie. Since then my weather and clock widget is showing incorrect alarm time. Whatever alarm time is setup the widget is showing it as 5 minutes earlier ie alarm is for 6.00 and the widget is showing it as 5.55. When alarm is switched off completely widget is showing alarm as Wednesday 9.00.


I raised this with widget developer but they said this is Samsung clock app bug.


I have installed Google clock and used this app to setup the alarm. Everything is working as it should.


Can someone please look into this and provide fix?


Few other users confirmed in xda that they have the same issue.



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I'm going to second this. Worked fine on my s7 with Oreo but on the new S9 with pie, the alarm display widget shows 7:25 for a 7:30 alarm. 

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This doesn't sound right. We've just had a go at this on our phones in the office, and they set for the exact time we set them at. Does the alarm actually go off at 7:25? Could you try deleting the widget and then re-adding it to your Home Screen?


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I tried everything. True is that the alarm go off at the correct time. However alarm time on the widget is showing incorrect time. Just to clarify this is 3rd party weather and clock widget. It was working fine before Pie update.


I reported this via Samsung Membees support and they responded that this will be passed to development team and they are working on hot fixes for any Pie issues.


Hopefully this will be fixed with the next update.


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I am the developer of one of the impacted widgets (Chronus) and can confirm that this is a Samsung clock app bug. The Google Clock app and older versions of the Samsung Clock app works OK.

The response from the android AlarmManager.getnextAlarmClock() is off by 5 minutes. I'm assuming the issue is with the way they are calling AlarmManager.setNextAlarmClock().

API Links:

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the same problem in S8....after update to pie
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i also have the problem after updating s9 to pie, which the samsung stock clock does not alarming at the desired time, it is just sipmply does not ringing at the time and i can see that the alarm icon is not in the notification bar on top!!! currently i am using google clock for my alarms but i hope there is a way to fix it or in future updates they solve it.


Since the Pie update on my S8, my built in alarm, despite being set - does not go off.

Same bug S10
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Same problem with S8 after the Pie Update. I think this also causes that night mode doesnt stop at the planned time. After I turned off and on the automatic date and time settings, suddenly night mode switched off like planned. But the problem appears again after a time ...
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