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Phone saying phone being currently registered

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Trying to watch sky q and saying your device is currently being registered. New to Samsung and I'm so confused. Wont let me watch anything 

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This may have something to do with your Sky Account and how many devices you can have registered at any one time @Mag_murphy 


I'd suggest to speak with Sky Customer Support and look at their online help pages along witlooking at their customer forum to search for similar threads and or post your query there too.


In regards to your phone if it's the Sky App then you could try going into settings-Apps-Choose the app-Location-Clear Data and Cache.


And then try again. 



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@bandofbrothers I've been talking to sky all morning and they are suggestion doing a factory reset on my Q box. I did try and clear cache from the phone but unfortunately it didn't work. Thank you for your help

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