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Peculiar and incorrect names of bluetooth connections [S9 smartphone]

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Whenever I try to connect my smartphones to bluetooth connections, I get weird names for all the networks (see picture below).

I have tried 

- Re-connecting bluetooth

- Re-starting phone

- Resetting to factory settings


I simply cannot figure out to fix this. Anyone else have had the same problem? 






Superuser I
Superuser I
Those are the MAC Adresses of devices that are broadcasting their existence. I recommend to ignore them. Clearing the list requires turning off every device with a broadcasted mac adress in the vicinity of your phone, even if its not owned by you
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Thanks for the rapid reponse. But will that show the names of "normal" bluetooth networks?

Superuser I
Superuser I
There are no Bluetooth networks, its basically the adress of the component of the device where you can connect to.

Usually bluetooth devices don't accept connections unless both devices are in Pairing Mode (Basically).
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I see. But if I turn them all of, will I start to see normal bluetooth networks? 

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