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Outlook and text messages

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This is my first Samsung phone, always had iPhones, my daughter converted me. Love the look of the phone, but I’m struggling with some things on it, even my daughter can’t find the fix.

firstly my emails are going into my outlook app but when I click on them all I see is the who from and too, no content.

secondly I have No text message tones. I can click on the one I want and it plays when I pick it but when I get a text I get nothing. All the volumes are up, the message app is turned on. I’m getting frustrated with it now. Annoying too that you can’t put a personal text tone to family members but that doesn’t matter at minute as I hear nothing.




I too am struggling with outlook moving from my S7 edge.


I'm hoping a software update will be coming out to fix it.


Emails are coming through fine but when you open it no content displays. Attachments are also not showing on some emails.


Making my job very difficult!

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I too am having a problem with Outlook.   It's probably Outlook App related (as opposed to Samsung) but still it's annoying.

One moment, I'll open up my email, and it works just fine.    The next, I'll open up the email, and all i get is the "sender" and "time" header.... the body of the email won't open until I shut down all applications on my phone, and restart the app.

Annoying.  Would like a fix soon.

And to Original poster, I found that "clicking" on the left most screen button (don't know what it's called... the "recently used apps" button, and then closing down all existing apps, and then reopening Outlook will restore email operation on my phone.

Hope it works for you.

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Sorry too hear about outlook , mine works fine.  However no tone for text messages is driving me mad.  Tried everything volumes max, settings everywhere on,  not blocked.  Can't seem too find a thread anywhere., lots of chat about tones per individual.  I should be so lucky, can't get for anybody. 

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