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Only about 10% experiencing drop outs on S9/+ calls

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I'm on vodaphone in Ireland and every call I make or receive drops for around 30 seconds at a time... every single call

I think you're wrong, you cannot assume that because only 10pc of viewers of your video left a like for it, so 10pc has the issue and this for 2 reasons: first not everyone who has the issue actually realize to have the issue blaming someone's the network sometimes the other end of the call sometimes the headset etc, second because maybe people didn't even read to leave a like if they have the issue. Moreover I think it is not given for granted that all the phones are affected for some deduction reasons. One example in Italy all the operators are affected this means ot doesn't depend on the network. Moreover being random who didn't report it simply didn't notice (yet), maybe they use less the phone maybe they blamed ad told you before the network, etc. But it's sure all the s9 suffer this, otherwise how to explain people changing 8 phones and all have the issue?


Yes I'm hoping I'm wrong


That was my point really😉


I've had 3 phones each one same problem, others as you mention have had more than 3!! All with the same problem.


I cannot believe that it's not closer to 100%!!


But it's weird there are now videos from tech gurus who have thousands of subscribers...I'm talking serious youtubers 


Who now have videos with the headlines like


Samsung S9/+ after 2 months THE BEST smart phone to date...blah blah blah!!


I look at the many many comments


And it's a love in


"Awesome phone" "yeah man great review best phone for sure"


And on and on and on and on...


So where are we guys??


Why is no one commenting??


"Yo bro what a crock! are Samsung paying you to keep your mouth shut about the call drop out/silence or what?  I'm on my tenth because every stupid replacement phone they've sent me so far drops out on calls!!" etc etc


I'm gonna do it and I'll post a link to my video if I can


C'mon guys if you've got the problem get telling these YouTube  tech gurus your problems😉


Time to start posting your frustrations on these youtuber reviews guys😉


Here's one of mine




Feel free to post a link to my video if you want to. But let's get telling the world a bit quicker and these videos with 13K views and more will get the message out quicker than my 380 views😁😁


I keep hearing this figure of 10% which is nonesense it is far higher.


There are multiple threads, those who say audio drop out and those who say call drops, in reality many of the call drops are the same as the audio failure but often, as I have found, the other party kills the call as they think they have lost the S9 party.  We should be adding most of those two issues together.  Add to that those who make short calls and so perhaps do not see the issue as often and add to that those who dont realise what is going ohn and have yet to report it or who do not frequent forums.  Belive me the number is significantly higher than 10%. 


10% is far too high but is really letting Samsung off the hook as the numbers are much higher and the media should be made aware of that fact as it is taking too long for Samsung to issue a patch, accept responsibility, and answer questions as to how they could have released a phone in such as state in the first place - what was that they said after the hot battery problem - our QA was going to be better - not seen evidence of that myself!!


I totally agree with you doddy I'm sure it's more than 10%

Which is the ghist of my message really that having 3 phones my self and all doing the same thing I'm surprised it's not 100%!!


I think this is going to blow up bigger than the battery fiasco and Samsung are definitely keeping quiet about it


Please like and subscribe to my latest video if you have the problem


That's a link to my latest video please help share it on Facebook and if you have the problem please like and subscribe if we can get it  to go viral maybe Samsung will accept there is  big problem



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The new S9 and S9 + are poor mobiles and the conversation when using the mobile is dreadful 


It's not 10% its every s9 that has this issue. Spoke to samsung tech support and apprently they are working on it but no eta . I suspect it is not software at all, but hardware and it is taking so long because they are working on a software work around for a hardware fault


@Gregg354 wrote:
I'm on vodaphone in Ireland and every call I make or receive drops for around 30 seconds at a time... every single call

Yep it's everywhere thanks for letting us know


If you can post a comment on my youtube video thanks


Hi Gregg, did you get the software update yet. I got it last night. I managed first call this morn for near 10 mins with no dropping but other person said they couldnt hear me for a few secs. Next call lasted 21 mins and no dropping or apparent silences. Then took a call that within a min person said they lost me for a few secs and then call dropped. I'm on Vodafone in Ireland too. Dunno whether the bad weather this morn could have played a part in last call interference and dropping.

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