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OneUI beta and mobile hotspot problem


Hi, just wondered if anyone else has had problems with the Mobile Hotspot under the latest OneUI beta? My mobile data itself is working fine, but even though I can connect succesfully to the mobile hotspot from a different device, there is no internet through that connection, and the mobile hotspot on my S9 lists no connected devices (despite the other devices saying they're connected to the hotspot).



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I have the same issue. After updating, APN settings were removed. I set manually (for internet), checked with my network provider for MMS settings but since then, I can't connect my PC with the connexion sharing feature. 

Guess it's a bug and can't be fixed with settings.



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Hey @Carbone and @mariomenti,


I'd recommend submitting your feedback through the Samsung Members app so the developers can get the feedback directly. 


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Hi, I actually managed to fix my issue by changing the APN Type setting to * - this was for Three in the UK, don't know if it will work for other carriers.


I think the main/initial bug was just that existing APN settings were removed on upgrade  at least in my case everything after was just getting the settings right again ... 

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