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One Ui stuttering and delayed transitions

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It has been like this for a long time.

Every update I was hoping that it would get fixed, yet it didn't.


One Ui on my Galaxy S9+ has delays and stutters in transitions.

Factory reset won't fix the problem (already tried it), my hardware is completely fine.


The only reason for this issue that I can see is bugs in the software.

One Ui is indeed a new Ui that Samsung has made with Google, thus I expect those kind of things to happen.

However, I'm surprised that those things haven't been fixed yet.

(I repeat: the problem isn't in my phone)


I ask you Samsung to fix permanetaly this lag and stutter issue.

After all you're a big company that has millions of customers, and it doesn't make sense that all of those customers will have such issues with their phone (at least for the exynos users (aka me 😣)).


So just please release a fix update.

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