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Omg Samsung why have you removed shutter Zoom on the one UI camera ? I now have to use 2 hands to zoom in and out, the whole point of one UI is 1 handed use. Please tell me this is a mistake and will be fixed in the next update. Also another stupid over look by yourselves is the search bar in app drawer, it's at the very top ***** 


Please stop making my phone less useful.


Galaxy s9 with official UK One UI


Also, pro video mode is gone. Return it back asap, please!

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My thoughts exactly. Fine from single handed zoom to now needing both. Also it was better to have photo and video buttons available, you could choose each as required, now when changing you need to wait for the animation to finish before you can use it.
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Hey @BackDaws @User76 @Lucky_Stranger 


I've passed the suggestions for the camera to the R&D guys.

I'll keep you updated. 


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Thanks 😊

Yeah.. the zoom thing was awesome in the shutter button. What a dumb decision to end that. Especially in video mode

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For the love of the infinity o screen, bring back the zoom shutter button! Honestly best invention since the dual pixel camera!

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I can't say this enough but Samsung has made my camera app less functional. As mention by many, the zoom sliding at the shutter button is a wonderful creation & it makes zooming much easier. Why do Samsung remove it? Samsung say ONE UI makes one handed easier, but not for the camera! Now i have to use my other hand to pinch & zoom. Secondly, the record button together with the shutter button is also a great invention... now it is not there & you replace it with a camera switch. Another inconvenience. I hope Samsung does not plan to make this permanent. Please release a new update to change back the settings. This change does not coincide with the ONE UI concept, definitely not. 

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Hi guys.. I just found out that if u tap and hold the Tree Icon, u can scroll to zoom in and zoom out.. Hope this helps.. 

Things are still stupid regarding video zoom. You have the same option but it doesn't work on every video mode. Before it was perfectly ok to zoom in and out in every mode, now for example it hides the tree icons if you choose FHD 60fps and higher.
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