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The removal of single-finger shutter zoom has destroyed the app for me. I only have one hand, so that was the one feature that drew me to the Samsung camera. Now I have to akwardly hold my phone with my left arm, use my right hand to zoom, then move my phone back to my right hand to take a photo. I've already dropped my phone a few times trying to get a good shot.


Do you mind forwarding this message to the R&D team? Much appreciated.

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What "tree icon"? My S8 doesn't seem to have such a thing.

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Exactly, please please samsung, bring back the feature which zooms through the shutter.

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Thank you for submitting this topic.  ***** I HATE the new camera app now.  That's the only part of OneUI that I can't stand.  I loved that you could either take a pic or start shooting a video right away.  Now you have to wait a few seconds to scroll through a ton of modes just to get to Video.  If you were trying to catch a cool moment, then F you too bad!


I also cannot stand that you can't use that sutter button to zoom.  That was really cool, and allowed you to zoom with one hand.  I take pics all the time, and this straight up doubles the amount of time it takes to get the shot that you want.   I hate this so much. 


I feel like every change to the camera app makes it HARDER TO TAKE A PICTURE.  Why??  Samsung, PLEASE FIX THESE PROBLEMS THAT YOU INTRODUCED INTO THE CAMERA APP PLEASE!!

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