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One UI beta. UK S9 version.


@Woody wrote:

@Umbrokhan wrote:

i'm on EE firmware

My Galaxy S9 won't register in samsung member app


It should be open to everybody. I'd get some troubleshooting on the go before it's to late.

I'm on EE and have registered.


Not that I can see the notice yet.


Anyone got it on any UK fitmware?


I would be super mad after all this fanboy rant posting XD 


How did you guys register?


can you give me instruction how to flash BTU firmware? for factory unlocked firmware?

(Im)patiently waiting here too, unlocked S9+ so hopefully should get it when it eventually releases.

I wouldn't do that just yet. The guys with unlocked phones still don't have access either. So you can start to worry once they get it and we don't. 


Samsung member App then click register

register your phone but might not register if your on a different firmware like EE, 3, 02, vodafone.

maybe only factory unlocked Galaxy S9 can get Android Pie Beta. if so then you need BTU firmware details can be on XDA web site. 

he's correct, registration may install the same version that we all get anyway!
Jamie Warren

No one should be reinstalling their OS at this point as we do not have confirmation that its unlocked only. 


US was the first ones to get android Pie follwed by Germany 2nd.

someone ask the Germany and US  community how they got Android Pie Beta

ask them do we have to register our phone on Samsung Member app and do we need a factory unlocked phone or unlocked firmware (BTU) 

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