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One UI beta. UK S9 version.


@Delekson wrote:

Ok so Im still using the German snapshot thing of One UI (waiting on the downgrsde to oreo to download off sammobile xD)

But I saw something odd and idk what it is so I thought I should ask...

In the background running app thing where you save power it says that 'Now Playing' has been using a lot of power...

Dyu guys know what that is?


A bixby screen widget? Or Edge sidebar widget?


Just a guess


Has anyone else noticed thats there wifi calling feature has vanished to lol ? 


@r1cky13 wrote:

Has anyone else noticed thats there wifi calling feature has vanished to lol ? 

You can access it from the quick settings dropdown

EDIT - Still can access it from Settings > Connections > WiFi Calling

Will afterndoing a bit off looking the services is stalled installed just not functioning at all
Sorry bad English
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Moderate to heavy usage. @ 1440p

Google maps 36minutes

Youtube 36 minutes

Facebook 28 minutes

Speedtest 21 minutes 

Instagram 17 minutes

Twitter 8 minutes

Spent 90% of that time on 4g

Is this good SOT, what do you guys get?
Screenshot_20181201-192948_Settings.jpgBattery life s9+(exynos)




Hmmm ok about to go to bed and with no update nothing my wifi-calling reappears lol Screenshot_20181202-034911_Facebook.jpga little random after I posted about it earlier but ok


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That's about what I get WQHD dual sim

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My only niggle so far is I'd prefer the old method for scrolling through my app history (stacked vertically). You can't easily locate the card you need with the left/right method..


Also I didn't realise there would be no google pay. 


That might force me back I think as I use it a lot.



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Anyone else have issues with their phone dropping calls? My wife sometimes tries to phone me and, even though my phone has signal, hits my answer phone. Never happened on oreo

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