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One UI beta. UK S9 version.


@Fr3ak wrote:

Quote from another thread on here....




I have just spoken to Samsung via live chat and was told we will not have it today but he did say we will have it by the end of the week he said it was ment to be today 20th nov but has been delayed because of problems with the beta , it's funny cause I was told this morning we would have it today by Samsung support ?



@AbyssalSmoke wrote:

We have invested too much now to back down. 
Most of us been here since 9am. 

Feel sorry for those who been up since midnight thinking they'll get a piece of the pie. They're probably shaking now on 45th coffee 😂


LOL I was told by support at like 2pm today that its already out.

I am really confused as to whats happening now


Support don't know and to be honest have been blowing hot and cold 


Yea support just seem to be saying anything to get you off the chat!

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How can there be problems! It's already been released in 4 or 5 different countries?? 🤔

Exactly Mogwaan ... they are just making stuff up to every person they speak to.

Just spoken to a mate who works for Samsung Support UK and he said it's deffo out today. He sent me this :





I have an s9+ direct from Samsung. Waiting for this update is like watching paint dry... Where's my pie ***** 🙄

Hmm... "it is available for SIM free phones". My S9 is sim free and it doesnt show up for me...
I have a odd feeling that tripping Knox might be stopping me from getting the beta access?
But the guy I spoke to did say to send a feedback with my phone details who will apparently then forward it to the beta access team or something like that?
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