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One UI beta. UK S9 version.


@Woody wrote:
So glad I waited. Stopped much ball ache 😜

I'm pleased I tried the first beta with, but flashed back to XEU Oreo early and waited

My S9 came from I remember it was brj6. Can someone confirm the whether I need xeu or btu? Btu sounds familiar. Still struggling with download speed. The free sammobiles is offline. The app suggested doesn't seem the work. Downloading slowly from

Hey all . 

Please can someone post a screen shot of the build numbers once you've downloaded your beta version so I can ensure I have the right build etc for my S9 + ( SM-G965F) . 

I side loaded mine last week. 

I have been able to register with the beta programe this morning with no problem but I just wanna make sure I'm on the right software. 

Thank you and happy beta'ring.... Screenshot_20181128-191744_Software update.jpg


Screenshot_20181128-091731_Samsung Members.jpg


Screenshot_20181128-091707_Samsung Members.jpg


Screenshot_20181128-091749_Samsung Members.jpg



The app for downloading nolonger works. Downloading from updato but it's sooo slow. The s9 came from its a g960f. I remember I was on brj6 and think the csc was btu. Does that sound correct. Cheers. 



Here you go. Screenshot_20181128-193259_Software update.jpg





You mean this? 


The download app is not working unfortunately. Currently downloading from updato but its slooooooooow. I recall I was on BRJ6 and im pretty certain I was on BTU csc. Does that sound correct for a purchased UK s9? Cheers

My posts keep disappearing. My S9 is a uk model from I recall being brj6 oreo and think the csc was btu. Does that sound correct. I had the November security patch.

Don't forget guys, any errors or questions that we cant resolve or answer between us we need to make sure we put on the beta feedback. Common sense I know but just wanna make sure we cover all bases.


Test post as they aren't showing. 

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