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One UI beta. UK S9 version.


This is partially incorrect due to the fact that when your in backup area in settings Google & Samsung Cloud backup will fail to backup files that are larger than 1GB In size. The way to get around this is to offload those files manually or use the Samsung Smart Switch compatible desktop application on Windows or Mac to backup all files properly, this is what I have been doing since the beta came out this morning, still backing up. It takes a long time for me because of my large volume of files that I have on my phone that includes large video files and movies... **People please be aware of this**


I'm doing that now also on my chromebook I spoke to Samsung stars advisor on the phone and he asked me to do some steps that were to clear data from both Samsung experience home to see if that works if not he said to do the reset he wasn't sure if I needed to redownload the beta after? 


I'm trying to install the One UI Beta on my Samsung S9 but when I tap "Register" I get an error "Your phone model isn't supported.(4021)". Is someone else having a similar issue?
- I'm in the UK

- My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9
- Phone is unlocked

- I'm connected to Wi-fi

- I have enough storage (64GB left)

- Latest firmware/software updates installed

- Samsung Members app is up to date

I contacted Samsung Support and they said I should be elegible. I have no idea why it doesn't work!


guys i need help.

i flash the firmware BTU and my phone restart in different language?

give me two options do i click the top or bottom button?


restarted phone now in english but XEU/XEU/EVR?

how i change XEU/XEU/XEU  ?


I've just registered ok on a sim free Samsung S9+. I registered over 4G and going to download the update via WiFi tonight.


Hi guys that I showed you all last week that works, you can register for beta through members app without needing to reset to stock firmware, I just need a screenshot of the software info page to check if it's a newer version or not? 


If anyone that got update officially can do this so I can check versions numbers.. 




Love that some of us had it last week lol & still able to register, all beta sections 9f members page now work for me now I've registered 👌


XEU xeu is enough the last one it just the SIM you have in


@Umbrokhan wrote:

restarted phone now in english but XEU/XEU/EVR?

how i change XEU/XEU/XEU  ?

You can't, because the last bit is the original CSC you cant change that without rooting the phone, as long as the first 2 are XEU then you can register for the beta and join their update path


My simple answer is I live it everything runs so so much faster even loading the webpage ti the community loads faster thank you Samsung UK a brilliant update so far I'm yet to find anything to complain about to be honest but I only downloaded it 15 minutes ago 

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