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One UI, Samsung Dex, S9+ with exynos and HP lapdock


Hi, After lots of users started reporting that they got their note 9 to work with dex on HP lapdock, I decided to get one for myself. Dream scenario for me would be to have linux on dex on the go once the one ui dockless support gets enabled but all got shattered when in reality I just got a black screen (Not even screen mirroring). Audio and keyboard seem to work but the mouse pad doesn't. With the Smart view all seem to work but the mouse pad and double key presses are annoying. Is the only option to get US Qualcomm version of note 9? Could someone with the slightest chance of owning hp lapdock, s9+ with one ui share their experience?



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Hi , almost same problem for me, but with a Note 9 Exynos and a HP Elite X3 Lap Dock Serial starting with Y.

I've tried three different cable, but some are saying that there is an uncompatibility between Exynos and some HP Lap Dock.

I have a message saying "HDMI cable problem", so still think that I'm possibly using an USB C cable with the wrong compatibility.

Writing this on my HP Elite X3 lap dock connected to my former Lumia 950 XL.

So, as my Note 9 is working perfectly with my Microsoft HD-500 continuum dock, I think that there should be something wrong, but what?

I finally got me the One UI beta and I have similar issues as your note 9. The s9+ works perfectly well with Microsoft Continuum dock but doesnt work with HP Lapdock. I did read that too apparently all the lapdocks only work with Qualcomm processors. For me it says HDMI connected (still black screen and HDMI disconnected) then I get a notification asking me to use the official dex stations for best performance.
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After the Pie update, the S9/S9+ works great with the lapdock.  Time to sell my Dex (and maybe my Chromebook). 

Works just like it's on the Dex except everything is portable.  There is one hiccup which is I can't use the touchpad buttons but I'm used to tapping to select/click anyways so it's not much of a hassle.  

Lucky you, it still doesn't work for me. When I connect to lapdock I just get black screen and notifications about hdmi connected/disconnected. Did you happen to change any settings?
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Interesting.  Mine is a Qualcomm unit perhaps Exynos doesn't work like the Note?

I also tried 3 different usb-c cables.  Only one of them worked (the super thick one I got from a Lenovo machine).

Hopefully you can find one that's cheaper that works.


I plug mine in, look at the Notifications area of the phone then select Dex the first time and ignore the warnings about it not being an official Dex accessory.  After that Dex just autolaunches when I connect the S9+ and the lapdock.


If you can't find an HP lapdock, take a look at the YouTube video below which shows a touchscreen dock for Samsung DeX being used with Microsoft Office 365 as an example.

Thanks I gave up on s9 plus and got the s10 note and that doesnt work as well. I now got the nexdock 2 and will let u know if that works. Annoyingly s10 note doesnt support linux on dex and that makes samsung dex useless for me. Catch22s everywhere!!
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