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One UI/Pie Update - Receiving no calls/diverting to voicemail.

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My phone updated yesterday (10/02), since then I am unable to recieve calls. I can make them, but any recieved divert directly to voicemail with no missed call notifications. My network provider (EE), cannot seem to figure out what the issue is.

Is any one else having this problem? 


Edit: I also seem to constantly get switched from vibrate mode to sound mode when recieving messages?!

AndrewL Moderator
@dallondon: To troubleshoot the issue please open your Phone app > Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner > Settings > More Settings > Call Barring > Voice Call > All Incoming Calls > Ensure this option is switched off. I also suggest that you restart the phone if you have not done so already to address any temporary software issues that may have arisen following the update.
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Done this. Problem remains. It is very frustrating. I can make calls and 4G works fine. Just no incoming calls and no missed call notifications. However if I go into my recent calls I can see tons of missed calls.
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I have the exact same issue, which started immediately after the Pie update. It would be good to get a solution to this - I'd rather not have to roll back the installation.

DannyT Moderator

Could you check if you have Do Not Disturb toggled on? Or if you do, do you have it set to ignore all calls?

To do this, pull down your notification bar, then swipe right and long hold on Do Not Disturb.


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Thanks, Danny. Do not disturb is not activated. I do use Profile Widget, Blacklist and Nova to control the Desktop, call barring and profiles though. I've checked the Network Provider settings, and nothing is set to block or reject calls on the network. Blacklist tells me nothing was blocked either. The only issue I see with Nova is that the stock email app won't show unread counters but other than the straight to voicemail, I don't see anything else not working.

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To close this out, I uninstalled Blacklist and now the phone app is receiving calls properly. It's clear not all of the apps are playing nice.

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